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AMLA believes in the continuing education of our hospitality and tourism members and partners by:

  • Hosting informative association meetings, how-to workshops and training seminars.
  • Serving as a resource bank for member information on industry trends, current events and educational tools.
  • Providing STS Marketing College scholarships to industry members.
  • Hosting social media training workshops.
  • Offering a speaker bureau on topics such hotel marketing, small community tourism, the importance of trails and more.

For more information on the above topics, call AMLA President & CEO Tami Reist at 256.350.3500.

Flawless Delivery

Did you know the North Alabama region has more lodging construction in the works than in any other part of Alabama? Would you agree it is important for us to invest in the tourism workforce to ensure our frontline employees are equipped with customer service skills and knowledge to be successful in their positions?

In the fall of 2022, AMLA, in partnership with Calhoun Community College, North Alabama Works, Yedla Management Company and Holistic Performance Group, launched a customer service training program for frontline housekeeping, front desk personnel and sales coordinators in north Alabama’s hospitality industry. The Flawless Delivery customer service training program equips hospitality employees with the skills needed so they can be confident and successful in their positions. The training consists of 20 hours over the course of two days and one evening and uses gamification, small group projects, role play, team building exercises and lecture to engage participants. For more information, contact AMLA’s Director of Workforce Training and Advocacy Craig Johnston at 256.350.3500.

View a short video containing testimonials and more information.

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Download press release – AMLA Holds First Certified Customer Service Training Program for the Hospitality Industry in North Alabama

Download press release – AMLA Receives Tourism Grant to Expand Training in North Alabama’s Hospitality Industry in Customer Service

The Next Generation

AMLA partners with the Alabama League of Municipalities to teach the next generation about municipal government and why municipalities matter. 

Download the booklet here.

Tallapoosa County Tourism Director Sandra Fuller and AMLA President & CEO Tami Reist have developed a comprehensive curriculum guide for high school students in Alabama to help educate and prepare the next generation of tourism and hospitality workers. The state of Alabama, as well as many areas of the United States, is experiencing a labor shortage that is affecting all sectors of the tourism and travel industry: airlines, hotels, restaurants, tour operators and destination organizations. The Travel & Tourism curriculum guide will assist today’s teachers in helping prepare tomorrow’s workers.

The Travel & Tourism curriculum guide introduces high school students to the world of hospitality, and the main segments of the industry: lodging, food and beverage operations, tourism, attractions and travel, and event management. With more than 200 career options to explore, hospitality is an exciting industry where the sky is the limit and high school is the perfect place for students to launch a lifelong career. No matter what skills someone has, there are positions they can put their talents to use and build on them.

Download the guide here.

Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau Convention Sales Manager Joel Lamp, Auburn-Opelika Tourism Sports and Event Development Manager Anthony Terling and AMLA President & CEO Tami Reist have developed a comprehensive curriculum guide introducing high school students to the knowledge and skills related to managing clients, providing products and services and overseeing facilities in the evolving sports, recreation, and attractions industries. This guide is to be used by educators and is designed to offer suggestions about what to teach and how to create exciting and meaningful content. It will encourage educators to research and look for new and challenging ways of facilitating students’ learning in tourism and travel studies.

The Sports, Recreation and Attractions Management Curriculum Guide is to help students prepare for the transition from secondary school to a sustainable career in any area of the outdoor recreation and tourism industry. The guide offers valuable information on the array of careers available in the various segments of the outdoor recreation industry, provides accessible and engaging access to timely content, including current data, facts and figures; investigates revenue sources and factors the impact profits, introduces and explains the importance of  technology, licensing, sponsorships, brand positioning and endorsements and the impact each of these have on tourism and travel.

Download the guide here.