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Strategic Planning Conducted by Megellan Strategy Group
 Organizational Strategies to work on for 2014-2015

  1. Leverage the investment in Southeast Tourism Society Marketing College scholarships into industry education that benefits the entire region.
  2. Develop front-line staff hospitality training programs that facilitateguest knowledge of the entire region and which can be effectively conducted in cooperation with other destination marketing organizations.
  3. Partner with local school systems and other educational institutions in the North Alabama region to create resources that stimulate field trips and otherin-market travel opportunities.
  4. Develop rural marketing expertise through continuing education programs and providing marketing tools that target small town experiences.
  5. Communicate the depth and breadth of North Alabama as a destination through marketing based upon the most compelling stories of the region and actual visitors’ experiences.
  6. Stimulate cross-county and promotion by building thematic itinerariesand packages.  Facilitate cross-selling of destinations and attractions by identifying similar visitor experiences and selling them via”Amazon.com-like” bundling (’if you like this, you’ll like…”).
  7. Establish the AMLA brand as the leading advocate for travel and tourism in the region to various internal audiences, including elected developers, economic development officials, media, and local residents.
  8. Refine and communicate consistent AMLA messaging across all audiences and regularly deliver it using the most appropriate and effective means.
  9. Create a singular and powerful AMLA “Power of Travel” message that is specific to the entire region, demonstrates the direct and indirect economic impact of travel and tourism across a variety of categories, and which can be easily communicated through different media.
  10. Determine and clearly communicate the specific AMLA value proposition delivered to members.
  11. Identify potential new AMLA members by leveraging and facilitating current member networks and using their knowledge of local businesses and organizations.
  12. Employ a variety of recruitment tools to regularly bring new tourism and tourism-impacted businesses into the organization.

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