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Second Helping Jobs/Community Help Program Unveiled

The Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association (AMLA) is launching a new program this month that will help create a workforce pool for the hospitality industry while creating new career opportunities for North Alabama residents recovering from opioid addictions. Named “Second Helping”, the program serves to help those recovering from opioid addictions to reenter the work force while helping to fill much needed job positions within the tourism, travel and hospitality industry of Alabama’s Appalachia Region.
“The tourism and hospitality industry is a growing field in need of dependable workers. The opioid-addiction crisis is of growing concern across our region and nation. We believe this program will show Alabama that the hospitality and tourism industry truly cares for our communities and we are willing to lead the way in being part of the solution,” said Tami Reist, AMLA President/CEO.
Research for the program began nearly a year ago when the opioid crisis came to the forefront of national attention. Reist realized the North Alabama tourism industry was in a prime position to help become part of the solution to the issue by presenting hope for a new path in life to those recovering from their addictions through careers in the hospitality industry.
“All our research showed that those in recovery are highly motivated to work because employment grants the opportunity to get their lives back, and they are loyal and committed to the employer willing to give them a chance. But, a reluctance to openly discuss their life issues while applying for jobs was a major roadblock. This program removes that roadblock,” explained Reist.
The Second Helping program name evolved from a common seminar within the tourism industry, “Four Courses of Hospitality Training,” which outlines the basic needs of service in our industry based on a four course meal theme: appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert. As with any good meal, there is always room for a second helping.

The Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association would like for you to join us in this innovative program as an official Second Helping Program Partner. The purpose of the program and the partner guidelines are simple, honest, and straightforward.
The purpose:
• To assist the hospitality and tourism industry of North Alabama fill the on-going need for motivated workers, especially within the accommodations and services segments of our industry, by letting addiction-recovering residents of the area know your door is open to discuss employment opportunities.
• Provide an open-door policy for at-risk residents letting them know there is no need to feel hesitant about their situation. Partners are aware of their efforts to overcome a challenging time in their life and we are willing to extend a second helping.
The guidelines:
• Be willing to post job openings, at your discretion, on the Second Helping web site
• Agree to allow your business/organization’s name and logo be used in information packages by the Second Helping program and in media promotions.

AMLA is currently developing a website about the program. The website will also serve as the free portal for you to post your job openings as well as for job seekers to visit to look for career opportunities.
Work in progress website: https://2ndhelpings-dev.cloudaccess.host/
For additional information or to become a partner, please contact: Randy Paul, AMLA Visitor Services Representative & Second Helping Program Coordinator. Telephone: 1-800-648-5381,
256-350-3500. E-mail: randypaul@northalabama.org.

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