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New Web-Based Privilege Passport Program Sign-Up

The Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association is launching the North Alabama Privilege Passport program in January 2020 to help your visitation. The program allows you to offer a discount admission to consumers who sign up for the FREE program.
AMLA has partnered with Bandwango to implement the program. Bandwango empowers destinations to uniquely appeal to various visitor types with engaging experiences via the convenience of their mobile phone. There is no app for consumers to download or any card for the consumer to carry with them. Everything is easily accessible on their smart phone.
Bandwango’s web-based program gives you, the destination marketers, a wide array of data to analyze redemption and usage data, spot trends, track leads and prove economic impact.

• The program is open to all AMLA members.
• You determine the discount you would like to offer Privilege Passport holders (either a dollar amount off the regular admission price or a percentage discount off the regular admission price.)
• The discount you offer must be valid for all of calendar year 2020.
• Sites that are already free admission may also participate.
• A representative of bandwango will be contacting AMLA members in January about signing up for the program.

The Privilege Passport is being migrated to a mobile solution in 2020. There will be no apps to download – the platform we have licensed is a web based system. Passports are instantly delivered to customers via text message and email immediately upon sign-up. Our new mobile passports will also provide customers with hours of operations, phone numbers, maps, directions, and near-me functionality to further improve the visitor experience and drive more customers into your business.
Discount redemptions will occur directly on the customer’s phone and there is no special hardware or software required for your business. This new platform will enable us to obtain more customer and redemption data to continuously improve our marketing efforts on behalf of our members.
If you would like to see an example of the new platform, visit https://tinyurl.com/privilegepass (password = alabama) and
click ‘Sign Up Now’ to see how the new mobile experience will work.

Representatives of Bandwango will be contacting AMLA members in January 2020 to present the program. If you would like to know more about Bandwango, please visit their website at https://bandwango.com.
Should you need additional info:
Angie Pierce (256) 350-3500 or (800) 648-5381, or email: angie@northalabama.org

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