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Free Strategic Digital Campaign Seminar Set for May

“The Strategic Digital Campaign Development Process”
AMLA is making available to its members a free seminar focusing on digital marketing strategies. The event will take place May 7, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at The Jackson Center, 6001 Moquin Dr. NW, Huntsville, AL 35806.
Please RSVP by May 1st to
The Half Day Skills Lab/Immersion Session will be conducted by TwoSix Digital Strategist’s Brian Matson. The program will begin with Google Analytics review and research phase which will help each organization define their target consumers with the highest potential to engage, along with content that will encourage website clicks.
Attendees will be walked through
screen shots and also have the ability to view their analytics live in the classroom.
We will also discuss campaign goals and the best strategic approaches to reach those goals during the development and deployment of the campaign. This will include content and potential landing page development strategies.
The next steps will be to review some potential networks for the best possible advertising reach, but we will focus on the most popular and highly targeted ad networks of Facebook & Instagram. We will review the ad setup process, targeting options and creative ideas designed to accomplish the attendee’s goals.
The program will be completed after a discussion of strategic refinement and adjustment that should be done during the digital campaign. Then we will walk through a full campaign analysis and reporting process to determine the success of the campaign. We will analyze the process beyond impressions and clicks to determine success.

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