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AMLA Launches New Mobile App and Responsive Design Website to Improve Visitor Experience

Decatur, Ala. (March 25, 2014) – The Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association (AMLA) has rolled out a brand new mobile app and a new version of its website to offer a better browsing experience on mobile devices. The mobile app, North Alabama Road Trips, is free to download and the website has been redesigned to feature a responsive design allowing visitors to view the full version of the website on any mobile device.

The North Alabama Road Trips app, now available for download on iTunes and Google Play, offers 14 different road trips through the northern region of Alabama. Along with a description of each attraction as well as lodging and dining options, the app offers contact information and website links for visitors to click on for even more information. “The new mobile app is a handy tool for visitors to use either when they are planning a visit to North Alabama or for easy access to travel information once they arrive,” said AMLA President/CEO Tami Reist. The mobile app was designed by Populace, Inc. (www.populaceinc.com) and is free to download.

Built and designed on an entirely new platform by Paramore (www.paramoredigital.com), the North Alabama website, www.northalabama.org, can easily be viewed on different browsers and on all smartphones and small tablet devices. Features of the website include a responsive design that is optimized for all mobile devices and small tablets, an easier reading experience, playable videos, a faster download speed, sharing capabilities with social media sites, and menu access from any page.

“We strive to provide our visitors the best experience regardless of what type of device they are using to access information on North Alabama,” said Reist. “Today, people are planning their trips using various devices and having a responsive website will allow our information to flow seamlessly across different screen sizes and software platforms, providing an optimal viewing experience.”

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